• Published: 23 June 2019

    Check out a cool collection of ideas on how to revamp your wardrobe and get prepared for the summer. All these projects are perfect for those who don’t have good sewing skills. There will be a lot of no-sew ideas that will surprise you! Let’s start from genius bra tricks! Do not spend money on a new bra if you don’t have one for a backless dress. You can make a 3 strap bra for backless tops and dresses. Buy 3 pieces of elastic. Cut off the back of the bra and attach elastic straps using a hot glue gun. After, cover straps with concealer to imitate skin color. Do not throw away your old bra and turn it into fancy tops instead. You will need to attach lace to the bra using a hot glue gun. It’s a perfect item to wear under summer jackets and blouses. Besides, it’s a cool outfit to wear on at the seaside. You will love the idea of what to do with bra straps that stick out. You will need 2 thin strips of fabric and sew-on press studs. Watch the video to find how to sew strips to your t-shirt.
    If your white pantyhose look too boring, watch our video and learn how to color them using fabric paint. You will learn how to achieve tie-dye print. You can easily turn an old shirt into a fancy summer skirt.
    As a bonus, you will find cool ideas on how to avoid blisters. You will need a sanitary pad and cut a piece out of it. After, attach this piece to the inner part of your shoes. Sweaty feet are a great problem during hot days and you will learn how to avoid this problem.
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    00:15 Genius bra hacks
    00:35 DIY lace top
    00:49 Swimsuit lifehack
    04:00 How to wash a bra
    06:57 Color your white tights
    11:22 DIY Home slippers

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        IN REAL: Everyman clicks the vedio

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          Why am I watching this? I'm a trans guy... :)))

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            It's good

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              I lover 5 minute crafts

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                5 minute crafts you lied to us. THATS NOT INPOSIBLE.

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                  10:05 what is the problem if you don't wear the stockings

                  • DUTTA SUNIL
                    DUTTA SUNIL  1 months back

                    Can't you have another stylish dress

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                        If your swimsuit strap is to loose...... LOOSEN IT

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                                  Kaylee Kriebel  2 months back

                                  2:30, so your gonna sew a button to every shirt u own?

                                  • Kaylee Kriebel
                                    Kaylee Kriebel  2 months back

                                    27 hacks no man should to know??

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                                      Mariela and Emily  2 months back

                                      I lost 5 brain cells reading the title

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                                        HOW MANY CLOTHES DID U WASTE?? Like seriously

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                                          Title: 27 hacks no man should *to* know
                                          Good Grammer 👍

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                                            27 life hacks no man should to know? Where in the world is your proper English m8?

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                                              Like if the title doesn’t make any sense

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                                                Me: clicks on the video
                                                Me: THIS IS FOR KIDS😮

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                                                  Yea bras totally fall down to your legs like that

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                                                    With 5 minute crafts anything is possible 😂

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                                                            Why does NO MAN should know these tips?

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                                                                      0:50 just wear a shirt under or over the swim suit

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                                                                        Who is a boy or man

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                                                                          Sexy start

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                                                                            do they mean no men don't need to know

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                                                                                  Ok but no one wears socks with heels etc. they are made to not be worn with socks.

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                                                                                      No man should to know...

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                                                                                        At 2:57 what about the other one

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                                                                                          Wait.... I can decorate my undershirt 😱

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