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  • Iron Man
    Iron Man  2 hours back


    • DrawingFromAidiot
      DrawingFromAidiot  2 hours back


      • DrawingFromAidiot
        DrawingFromAidiot  2 hours back


        • Jarrod Ross
          Jarrod Ross  3 hours back

          Who noticed that they were wearing Lachlan’s merch

          • Sly Fox
            Sly Fox  3 hours back


            • Gage
              Gage  4 hours back

              i died when cray said disappointedly said it’s 80 grand 😭😭😭

              • Alexander Garcia
                Alexander Garcia  5 hours back


                • Just Blind
                  Just Blind  5 hours back

                  4:13 that's my sister

                  • Adam Gonzales
                    Adam Gonzales  5 hours back

                    I legit thought that he Elliot was Elon musk for like a year

                    • Aneese Badree
                      Aneese Badree  6 hours back

                      My 10 year old eyes

                      • Eric Son
                        Eric Son  6 hours back

                        Lannan and Muselk were wearing Lachy’s merch ⚡️⚡️

                        • Caspar’s Skitz
                          Caspar’s Skitz  7 hours back

                          Wait I’m taller than cray and I’m only 13 HOW.

                          • Adon Von Panzern
                            Adon Von Panzern  9 hours back

                            Yea imagine living with that traitor the tf2 community.

                            • Jack Dempsey
                              Jack Dempsey  9 hours back

                              I lost it when lannan went to the door and yelled FBI!!

                              • EXOTIC Mask4M
                                EXOTIC Mask4M  10 hours back

                                Click for clickbait

                                • Kiriwi777
                                  Kiriwi777  10 hours back

                                  Is Lannan Using Lachy’s March?

                                  • Isabel Alessandra Ramirez

                                    I wanted them to get shocked lol

                                    • Shawn Berry
                                      Shawn Berry  15 hours back

                                      Did kath actually kill some one

                                      • Troll Troll
                                        Troll Troll  15 hours back

                                        Legend says the amount of times people lie are the amount of ads on this video.

                                        • INVADER
                                          INVADER  16 hours back

                                          I wanna bone lufu so baf

                                          • Joshua Glass
                                            Joshua Glass  17 hours back

                                            Is this click bait

                                            • Fred nelson
                                              Fred nelson  17 hours back

                                              Muslek you steal from lazar loser

                                              • Largestgeini0
                                                Largestgeini0  18 hours back

                                                Wow, I’m 5 foot 9 inches And taller then craytor.
                                                But I’m 13 years old.

                                              • adrianispops
                                                adrianispops  19 hours back


                                                • Nydoit
                                                  Nydoit  19 hours back

                                                  Did you guyss notice that Muselk says alot of LIKE

                                                  • Xander Turtle_YT
                                                    Xander Turtle_YT  21 hours back


                                                    • Stealthy
                                                      Stealthy  21 hours back

                                                      LOSERFRUIT KILLED SOMEONE IN FORTNITE.

                                                      • Liams Clan
                                                        Liams Clan  1 days back

                                                        I have rewatched all these vids they are so GOOD seeing them just intrecatevdfvgbdygbdbgb it’s great

                                                        • Carlton Imperial
                                                          Carlton Imperial  1 days back

                                                          Lufus heartrate were like waves

                                                          • Carlton Imperial
                                                            Carlton Imperial  1 days back

                                                            Loserfruit acts like she killed JFK

                                                            • Cortland Lavender
                                                              Cortland Lavender  1 days back

                                                              Cray and Marcus in the tree kissing

                                                              • BLOBBY!!! plays
                                                                BLOBBY!!! plays  1 days back

                                                                I was so cringy watching this...

                                                                • Gaming With Bryn
                                                                  Gaming With Bryn  1 days back

                                                                  Lannan: FBI!!!
                                                                  Also lannan: *lives in australia*

                                                                  • Natsu D.D.S.
                                                                    Natsu D.D.S.  1 days back

                                                                    Cray and Tanner should date

                                                                    • TRS_Robert Slayer
                                                                      TRS_Robert Slayer  1 days back

                                                                      Cray is nasty

                                                                      • im a big kid now
                                                                        im a big kid now  1 days back

                                                                        I had to turn my headphones down dang it Elliot

                                                                        • Me A Person
                                                                          Me A Person  1 days back

                                                                          13:50 OMG she DID WTAH

                                                                          • Rplay12
                                                                            Rplay12  1 days back

                                                                            In The Who’s most likely to video Kath said bazza was most likely and then holds up herself, so basically two videos confirmed lufu killed someone

                                                                            • Mini_Clops
                                                                              Mini_Clops  1 days back

                                                                              Hey anyone noticed Lannan wearing Lochlan’s merch

                                                                              • Alexis Wegleitner
                                                                                Alexis Wegleitner  1 days back

                                                                                anyone else ship cray and tannar lmao

                                                                                • Jonathan Pounds
                                                                                  Jonathan Pounds  1 days back

                                                                                  When muselk was trying to say why he wasn't the best youtuber in click and in my head he is saying best content, most views, and funny and I keep thinking Lazarbeam

                                                                                  • DestroyingNoobler
                                                                                    DestroyingNoobler  1 days back

                                                                                    Bazza your dream has come true it has died

                                                                                    • Jace Poe
                                                                                      Jace Poe  1 days back

                                                                                      So we just gon ignore the fact that she has killed someone

                                                                                      • Laura Lassiter
                                                                                        Laura Lassiter  1 days back

                                                                                        oh my god I wish that cray and tannar were together.. I MEANNN YEAH

                                                                                        • Koda Puppy YT
                                                                                          Koda Puppy YT  1 days back

                                                                                          24:28 NOOO

                                                                                          • pretty average gamer guy

                                                                                            Wait I'm 12 and taller than cray

                                                                                            • gaming_allday
                                                                                              gaming_allday  1 days back

                                                                                              Kath killed muselk now elon live at click house

                                                                                              • oDraco
                                                                                                oDraco  1 days back

                                                                                                Lazerbeam wearing a lachlan merch